3Our new portion of e-liquid reviews must attract the attention of fans of electronic cigarettes. Numerous manufacturers nowadays present a wide palette of e-liquid brands with different compositions, e-liquid flavors, the concentration of e-liquid nicotine and other constituents. This is not done in vain, because the only thing that can be done, according to the manufacturers of electronic vapjng devices, is to fill an electronic cigarette, these are special e-fluids. Nevertheless, the desire to experiment does not leave many fans of the vaping process, and they are looking for what can replace ready-made compounds. The self-mixing is called as vape flavors diy. Someone does this only out of curiosity, and someone is looking for ways to save money, because wholesale e-juice flavors are not a cheap pleasure. Every hobbyist will say that an electronic cigarette can be filled with a special liquid, and it will be right. The design of these devices is such that the steam will be produced only if the mixture contains certain components. They are contained in solutions in certain quantities, which ensures the normal operation of the electronic cigarette.Some experimenters manage to use for their devices various liquids up to ordinary water, juice, tea and other substances, and the result of such experiments, as a rule, is the complete failure of the electronic cigarette what entails additional costs for the purchase of a new device.There are two options for what you can use for refueling:

Factory e-juices, which can be purchased at any specialized store, including online stores. This purchase is explained by multiple profits of the opportunity to buy vape accessories online;

A mixture prepared independently. This option can also be considered, but it must be taken into account that it is necessary to follow the recipe of the preparation clearly and observe the correct proportions in order to get a good free vape juice. In addition, it is necessary to use for this purpose the substances specially designed for making mixtures. Such components for a homemade liquid are produced by many companies that manufacture the compounds themselves.