A single leak on the clearomiser can spoil the pleasure that an electronic cigarette can offer. So, it is essential to take care of the accessory. Note that this does not require a lot of time or conditions. The following details will surely help you to avoid leaks on a clearomizer.

A thorough cleaning is essential for a clearomizer

It is fairer to clean the clearomizer to ensure the quality of an electronic cigarette. To do this, you must separate the accessory from the battery before unscrewing the Pyrex tank. This can be in various materials. You could then release the resistance with the hop to facilitate the cleaning of your clearomiser.

Remember to use lukewarm water to properly maintain the accessory. Nothing should be left to ensure the life of the electronic cigarette. All parts of the component must be properly purified including the lower part which contains the airflow.

It only remains to dry the product well before mounting the clearomizer again with the cigarette. Don’t forget to experiment to make sure the mechanism works properly. In the majority of cases, a major cleaning can be enough to avoid leaks on a clearomizer.

Check the assembly as well as the resistance of the accessory

Does the cigarette still show leaks even after a major cleaning? In this case, it would be necessary to review the assembly of the entire product. On this point, you should insist on the tightening of the resistance as well as the fixing of the clearomiser at the level of the cigarette. The seals must also be taken into account since they guarantee the tightness of the product. Note that a joint in poor condition can cause a major leak during vaping. It will also increase your consumption of e-liquid with each use of the cigarette. Therefore, no joint should be neglected.

Does the equipment still leak even after checking the assembly? It will then be necessary to check the resistance of the product, as this may be the source of the problem. For this, it is necessary to insist on the quality of the wick. Indeed, this can cause serious annoyance in the event of a leak. You should know that the life of the coil may depend on the conditions of use of the cigarette. It is recommended to check the condition of the resistance every 15 days to avoid the slightest leak. In addition, this accessory cannot be maintained. It must be replaced to prevent the problem from getting worse.

The e-liquid and the maintenance of the cigarette are also to be taken into account

Replacing the e-liquid can also cause leaks in the clearomiser. Therefore, it is advisable to review the liquid to fix the problem. You should know that some models of clearomizer may have difficulty supporting certain e-liquids. It mainly depends on the level of VG in the liquid. More precisely, it is better to inquire about the capacity of the clearomiser to support a VG of 80%. A priori, the capacity of the tank of the accessory should not be taken. The error is not respecting the maximum level indicated on the product during filling. The liquid will escape easily if you are not careful on this point.

How the cigarette is held during each vaping can also cause leakage. There is indeed nothing better than being able to quietly smoke an electronic cigarette while lying on the bed. But, it can cause leaks that will annoy you for sure. It is recommended that you hold the cigarette upright during each vape. In this way, the e-liquid will not make its way out.

When to replace the clearomiser?

Several reasons can be evoked to replace the clearomiser of an electronic cigarette. First of all, there are repetitive leaks despite regular and careful maintenance. Indeed, the e-liquid will always find an outlet if the clearomiser has the slightest leak.

In addition, the ageing of the resistance will force you to change the atomizer. You should know that the performance of the resistive wire and the cotton that constitutes it decreases over time. This implies that the cigarette will no longer give off the sensation and the pleasure that one feels when the resistance ages. The lifetime of this element may also depend on the liquids injected. In addition, leaks are irreversible when the cotton is damaged.

The fact of feeling a taste of burning during each vaping should encourage you to replace the clearomizer. Added to this is a sudden change in the value of the resistor. The appearance of these things indicates that the atomizer of the electronic cigarette needs to be replaced. Finally, it may be that you just want to please yourself with the change of the clearomizer. The goal is to fully savour the aromas contained inside the e-liquids. 

How to choose a clearomizer?

Are you planning to replace the clearomiser of your electronic cigarette? In this case, you must take note of certain criteria which are as follows:

  •         The diameter of the accessory: be careful to choose the diameter of the clearomiser to ensure its compatibility with the battery. Specifically, the accessory must have a diameter equal to or less than the battery.
  •         The type of inhalation: on this point, you will have the choice between direct inhalation and indirect inhalation. The first option is perfect for liquids with a high VG rate. Indirect inhalation provides sensations that are similar to tobacco.
  •         Liquid capacity: it is more advantageous to choose the size of the clearomizer to take full advantage of the electronic cigarette. Thus, you should determine your vaping habits.
  •         The type of clearomizer: three types of clearomizers are offered on the current market. You should choose between a sub-sub-ohmdel (direct inhaling) and an MTL atomizer (indirect inhaling). Finally, there is the versatile clearomiser which can be adapted to all styles of inhalation.