About the eGo E-Cigarette

The eGo e-cigarette, initially elaborated by Joye/Janty and now produced by various Chinese companies, is among the most well-known e-cigarette models. No matter who your favorite e-cigarette vendor is, it’s most probably that they offer some variation of the eGo.

Some of the other names for the eGo e-cigarette include the Riva, the KGO, the Tornado and the Inferno.

There exist two most common types of eGo e-cigarettes. They are the regular eGo — which includes an atomizer for cartridges or dripping — and the eGo-T, which includes removable tanks to feed liquid to the heating coil. The atomizer for the eGo-T is generally called a “tank atomizer” or “tankomizer.”

If you purchase the eGo e-cigarette, you are welcome to experiment with both liquid delivery systems because the battery is the same. The eGo uses the most common type of attachment threading, making it compatible with any e-cigarette atomizer or cartomizer created for L88B, 510 or 306 e-cigarettes.

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