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The item is one set of 4 pods for Juul usage.

Each capsule is intended to secure about 200 puffs before it needs to be changed.

JUUL cartridges contain 0.7 ml of pre-filled e-liquid with saline nicotine.

The nicotine content amounts to 5% (50 mg of saline nicotine)

As for the detailed information about Jule Cool Cucumber Pods, you would have the best decision to buy once a Juul Pods Cool Cucumber 4-piece pack with a fresh and refreshing scent. It consists of a delicious mix of fresh cucumber and fresh menthol. Cool Cucumber keeps your taste buds fresh and happy all day long. Beng made from the finest ingredients only, Juul has created a unique taste that is perfect for menthol lovers. It will give you a feeling of richness, filled with bright and sweet tones, and the cool and refreshing menthol shade complements this extremely pleasant nicotine salt taste.

After inhaling the cool Cool Cucumber JUUL Pods, your taste buds will meet with a delicious note of fresh sliced cucumber. You will feel a surge of this unique and bright taste of cucumbers, which will keep the feeling of vaping light and refreshing. During exhalation, a menthol shade will appear that perfectly connects this fragrance.

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There are numerous varieties of taste options for Juul, and there are four of them in one package; Simply insert one into your JUUL battery and you can start vaping!

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